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Dr. Rappard is a leader in the adaptation of telehealth for spine care and has been routinely using telehealth for spine patients since long before the national pandemic emergency of 2020.  

Dr. Rappard has developed a protocol for the virtual evaluation of patients with spinal problems that is quick, efficient, accurate and convenient.  Dr. Rappard’s spine telehealth results have been validated by his original research.

Of course, every patient is personally counseled, face-to-face, and receives a comprehensive spinal neurological examination prior to any procedures.  In front of the doctor, patients can review their MRI’s, go over test results and ask questions about the planned surgery.  Loved ones and family members are encouraged to attend and ask questions.  

Thanks to secure and private virtual care, you can see Dr. Rappard from the privacy of your own home.  When you need to see the doctor for your pre-operative evaluation and testing, you will be seen at the Doctor’s Beverly Hills office.  When it is time for surgery, you will visit our adjoining state-of-the-art NeuroEndospine surgery facility located in Beverly Hills, California.  

Dr. Rappard graduated medical school, with honors, in 1996.  He was later indoctrinated into his medical school’s honor society as a distinguished alumnus.  He trained for 8 years at university medical centers throughout the country to specialize in Neuroendovascular Surgery, one of the most exclusive and highly trained specialties in surgery.  

After years of focusing on minimally invasive brain operations, like treating brain tumors and aneurysms, Dr. Rappard turned his focus to NeuroEndospine surgery. Today, he is well known across the country as a leading NeuroEndospine surgery specialist.

The cost of your surgery is broken down into the surgeon’s fees, the anesthesiologist fees and the surgical facility fee.  

The surgeon and anesthesiologist may be contracted with your insurance. If so, you will be responsible for any co-pays and deductibles prior to service. Contact our office to look into your insurance and find out more.

The surgical facility fees depend on the services you will be having.  Our office will give you a quote well in advance.  

There are several financing options available for needy patients who qualify.

Dr. Rappard is contracted with some insurances.  Contact our office to learn more. 

Dr. Rappard takes his time in treating patients. However, if you are an out-of-town visitor, your needs can be accommodated as follows:

Prior to your visit:  

You will have a screening virtual visit.  Questions will be asked about your condition and you will receive a screening physical examination.  Your MRI results will be reviewed and discussed with you.  You will be given a plan for additional testing, if needed.  Any potential surgery will be discussed with you.

Day 1:  

You will have your pre-operative exam.  You will see a general medical doctor to be evaluated for any underlying conditions.  You will have blood and urine testing and may undergo an EKG, echo-cardiogram, chest x-ray and lung testing. 

After your pre-operative examination, you will have any necessary x-rays or updated MRI, if needed.

At the end of the day, you will visit Dr. Rappard for a face-to-face evaluation.  Your testing will once again be discussed with you.  You will receive a comprehensive spinal examination.  The doctor may recommend additional diagnostic testing, in the form of injections, to pinpoint your condition.

Day 2:

You will receive diagnostic spinal injections.  The doctor will evaluate you after your injections.  In some cases, you will obtain a CT scan of your spine following your injections.

At the end of this day, the doctor will explain your planned surgery in detail and answer your questions.  

Day 3:

This is the surgery day.  You will arrive at the surgical facility and be checked in by nursing and staff.  You will receive an IV.  You will meet the anesthesiologist and you will have the opportunity to ask questions about anesthesia.  You will meet Dr. Rappard before surgery to go over instructions and ask any questions.

After surgery, you will recover for about 2 hours before leaving the facility. You will be comfortable and able to walk before leaving with your caretaker.

Day 4: 

This is a day of rest and recuperation.  Dr. Rappard and staff will check in with you and make sure you are comfortable.

Day 5:

This is a second day of rest and recuperation.  Today you will visit Dr. Rappard and have your dressing checked.  You will receive a neurological examination.

Day 6 and 7:

We recommend resting through the weekend.  You will likely feel well enough to travel and depart the area.

Exceptions to our treatment schedule:

Patients with straightforward conditions that do not require additional diagnostic testing may undergo an abbreviated treatment schedule. Your pre-operative evaluation may be performed locally and you may review the results virtually with Dr. Rappard, prior to traveling to Beverly Hills.

You will be able to see Dr. Rappard virtually, on short notice, whenever the need arises.  Virtual visits have proven to be effective and convenient for patients.  Live visits can also be scheduled on short notice, as needed.

After surgery, you will receive the doctor’s personal cell phone number to contact him if you have any issues.

After recovery, you will see Dr. Rappard at 3 months, 6 months and at one year to see how you are doing.  Of course, you may see the doctor in-between if need be.  The long term follow up is designed to ensure that your recovery is robust and long-lived.

Patients typically go home and rest after surgery.  The next day, patients can perform casual activities, go for walks and perform light exercise.  Because of the minimally invasive nature of the procedure post-operative rehabilitation or therapy is usually not required.



The guy really knows his stuff - after reviewing my imaging, we discussed possible procedures. I have done a lot of research online, and had a lot of questions. Dr. Rappard explained the different options, reviewed the pros and cons and offered me a really competitive price. Much better than flying to Arizona for some laser procedure!!

Jacob G.

I am 6 months removed from a couple of branch blocks and then 2 follow up neck procedures. I feel fine, everything is working perfectly. I was willing to accept that Dr. Rappard was a credible, and honest person from meeting with him, and thankfully I can confirm that he is a great doctor, that I recommend to anyone. To be honest, I thought the operating experience was surreal, and I was comfortable. There was a great team, that do their jobs very well, from the anesthesiologist, to the nurse.

Shari A

You saved me from a life of opiates and/or pain so strong that I couldn't perform adequately in my daily activities. After this Rhizotomy procedure, I walked off the table, and except for not drinking the chardonnay, ate dinner with my family. The anesthesiologist, Dr. Paul Rodrick was excellent as well.

Anonymous Patient

I was in a car accident and my lawyer set me up with Dr. Rappard. He is a real straight shooter who wants the best for his patients. He took care of me and totally fixed my back problem. I would highly recommend him.

Anonymous Patient

Dr. George Rappard was very professional and I felt he sincerely cared about my well being. I was injured in a slip and fall and my treatment lasted almost 3 years. I never felt rushed while in his office and received a high level of care. Dr. Rappard kept me appraised of my progress and my experience with his treatment was positive. He did an excellent job with my spinal cord stimulator implant and discectomy. I was very nervous but Dr. Rappard was reassuring. It takes a lot to allow someone to work in your spine, and it is scary, but I trusted Dr. Rappard and he didn't let me down. His office staff are caring, friendly, and terrific! I highly recommend him.

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