The Los Angeles Minimally Invasive Surgery Center is in Beverly Hills, adjacent to Dr. Rappard’s clinic. The facility opened its doors in late 2019.  The facility is where Dr. Rappard performs most of his diagnostic spinal procedures, spinal injections and NeuroEndospine surgery cases.

The facility has been accredited by the Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care, on behalf of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. This is a federal government level of recognition for meeting standards for quality healthcare delivery. This is the highest level of certification a surgical facility can achieve and requires similar safety standards as a hospital based surgical facility.

The Los Angeles Minimally Invasive Surgery Center stands out as one of the most comprehensively equipped NeuroEndospine surgical facilities in the world. The facility houses one of the largest collections of NeuroEndospine surgical instruments available today. State-of-the-art digital x-ray intra-operative guidance provides crisp and clear images to guide placement of instruments while minimizing x-ray dose to the patient. A special hydraulic operating table allows the surgeon to slide the patient in and out of x-ray without interrupting surgery.  The operating room table, x-ray guidance and surgical instruments are surgeon controlled by push buttons or foot pedals.  High-definition video from inside the patient’s spine is presented to the surgeon on a 3D capable high-definition heads up display, just millimeters from the surgeon's eyes.  For complex cases requiring hybrid surgical approaches, a sophisticated operating microscope and a complete array of microsurgical instrumentation for cervical, thoracic or lumbar operations are available.  For patients requiring diagnostic or pain management procedures, the facility is just as well equipped.  Since the Los Angeles Minimally Invasive Surgery Center is at the cutting edge of NeuroEndospine Surgery, facility surgeons are comfortable with the entire spectrum of NeuroEndospine surgery cases, often performing complex procedures done at very few facilities across the United States.

The Los Angeles Minimally Invasive Surgery Center is not just high quality and hi-tech. It is also wonderfully comfortable for patients. Consultations occur by telemedicine or in private, spacious and well-appointed consult rooms.  On the day of your surgery, you will most likely have the recovery room to yourself where you will enjoy being the focus of attention for staff.