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The guy really knows his stuff - after reviewing my imaging, we discussed possible procedures. I have done a lot of research online, and had a lot of questions. Dr. Rappard explained the different options, reviewed the pros and cons and offered me a really competitive price. Much better than flying to Arizona for some laser procedure!!

Jacob G.

I am 6 months removed from a couple of branch blocks and then 2 follow up neck procedures. I feel fine, everything is working perfectly. I was willing to accept that Dr. Rappard was a credible, and honest person from meeting with him, and thankfully I can confirm that he is a great doctor, that I recommend to anyone. To be honest, I thought the operating experience was surreal, and I was comfortable. There was a great team, that do their jobs very well, from the anesthesiologist, to the nurse.

Shari A

You saved me from a life of opiates and/or pain so strong that I couldn't perform adequately in my daily activities. After this Rhizotomy procedure, I walked off the table, and except for not drinking the chardonnay, ate dinner with my family. The anesthesiologist, Dr. Paul Rodrick was excellent as well.

Anonymous Patient

I was in a car accident and my lawyer set me up with Dr. Rappard. He is a real straight shooter who wants the best for his patients. He took care of me and totally fixed my back problem. I would highly recommend him.

Anonymous Patient

Dr. George Rappard was very professional and I felt he sincerely cared about my well being. I was injured in a slip and fall and my treatment lasted almost 3 years. I never felt rushed while in his office and received a high level of care. Dr. Rappard kept me appraised of my progress and my experience with his treatment was positive. He did an excellent job with my spinal cord stimulator implant and discectomy. I was very nervous but Dr. Rappard was reassuring. It takes a lot to allow someone to work in your spine, and it is scary, but I trusted Dr. Rappard and he didn't let me down. His office staff are caring, friendly, and terrific! I highly recommend him.

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